Lighting Installation & Repairs

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Lighting is essential to any part of the home. Whether you can effectively light up your home while saving energy and the environment is another story. Thankfully, our electrical service has all the right products to put you on your way to a great interior or exterior project. Our lighting installation can even go a step further and help bring the dream home to sparkling reality.

At Amped Electric, LLC, we specialize in new electric service for efficiently lighting remodeling and new construction. This allows you to save on your monthly electric bill while still receiving the best quality lighting for your home. Proper lighting also gives you better security, as a well-lit home is harder to sneak into. Criminal activity is less likely to occur if the criminal can be easily seen and caught.

For more information on our lighting installation as well as our lighting repairs, contact Amped Electric, LLC in Flagstaff, AZ today!


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